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When you’re looking to staff a construction project, you need individuals that are able to handle the intensity of the job, that are experienced, and are able to start promptly. Here at Genuine Labor Resources, it’s our goal to help you maximize workforce productivity by providing you with people to fill the gaps you have in your workforce. We can provide you the workforce needs you may have, from construction managers to laborers and everyone in between. We remove the headache associated with staffing a construction project, allowing you to focus your time and resources on the project itself.

We’re here to help resolve any issues you may have with finding suitable employees for your projects. We employ over 500 people who have a ton of experience working in similar roles. So, when you’re in need of the best construction labor in the Gulf Coast area, we’re the company to call.

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Contract Labor

Genuine Labor Resources is the number one choice in engineering recruiting throughout the Gulf Coast, East Coast, and the Mid-West. Thanks to our experience and our dedicated staff, we specialize in finding the perfect fit for your engineering and construction projects. Our extensive network allows us to consistently provide you with the right people for the job. When you trust in Genuine Labor Resources to find the right candidate for your team, you take the headache often associated with the search for talent.

Contract To Hire

Our team knows how challenging it can often be to ensure you get the right person for the job, and how time consuming it can be to search for them. Genuine Labor Resources holds detailed information about our candidates and removes the guesswork often associated with the recruitment process, if you’re not happy with the work our employee does for you, you can replace them with another of our workers. If you are happy, you can hire them to work for you directly.

direct hire

Thanks to our extensive network, we’re able to provide qualified, competent candidates to fill any engineering, procurement, and construction vacancies you have. It’s our job to source the most qualified professionals in the industry for your project. We utilize a thorough screening process to ensure that only the perfect candidates get the job.